Jiang Artists Festival

Yi Lin Jiang founded the Jiang Artists Festival and will celebrate its premiere in April 2018.

JAF (08/2017)


Jury at the China Youth Music Competition

Yi Lin Jiang accepted the invitation to serve as the youngest jury member for the China Youth Music Competition by joining the judging board in 2016.

CYMC (01/2016) 


2. Deutscher Klavierwettbewerb Polnischer Musik

Yi Lin Jiang won the 2nd German Piano Competition of Polish Music in Hamburg and was awarded with a concert and cultural tour through Poland.

DKPM (07/2015) 


Nomination for the German Record Critics’ Award

The Solaris Records release “Masques” is selected on the Longlist 2.2015 for the prestigious German Record Critics’ Award.

PdSK e.V. (03/2015) 
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